Disclaimer: I am – not a medical professional, not a health professional, not a nutrition professional. I am an explorer and this is my self experiment. Before trying anything make sure to get an advice from your medical professional, nurse practitioner, diet professional.  This is my self experiment

Why I am writing: 

  • This is self experiment. I have seen the results, and it might help you also.
  • We are surrounded by lot of unnecessary information, through social media, commercial, group network etc. It is a big challenge, to stay away from unnecessary information. So let us, be expert to reach out correct, necessary information.
  • There are very few personalities who can inspire us to do the correct thing in the life. It is a challenge to avoid free food offers at – work, parties, family gathering and other places, which is main contributor to drift us from our goal.


  • First drink, after I wake up, boiled warm water with ginger and lemon, and tea.
  • Drink few glass of warm water for next 2 hours – Intermittent Fasting
  • After two hours – golden milk – goat milk, Turmeric powder, ginger powder, black pepper.
  • Oat meal with 1 banana, resins, and cinnamon powder.
  • How to get maximum benefits of intermittent fasting in by Sadhguruis


Lunch time:


Most Important: Eat food without any preservative, home made food only, organic vegetables only if possible.
Observation: Fluffiness of body is reduce, belly is reduced by more than tow inch. It works, and I am able to loose some pound of extra weight, detox liver, purify the blood.

Got inspiration:


  • Garbage in Garbage stay
  • No pain no gain
  • Time is the costliest commodity


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